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Envirodigm's team of scientists, engineers, and technologist conduct an exhaustive independent review of supply chain matrices to provide a quantitative ranking certification that enables manufacturers to communicate post-industrial and post-consumer content of their products. SPROUT Certification is focused solely on the recycled content of products. It is an unbiased and transparent review that goes well beyond ISO 14001 environmental standards certification. Click here to receive more information.


Envirodigm provides life cycle assessment of products and manufacturing processes to help reduce costs, improve quality, and help to crystalize sustainability efforts and communication campaigns. Our staff of chemists, regulatory specialists, environmental experts, and engineers team conduct toxicity and environmental analysis and provide an independent review of products, feedstock material, and complete supply chain components.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories located in the technology hub of Silicon Valley is capable of part-per-trillion (PPT) detection of trace elements. We help clients monitor and identify contaminants or pollutants that can cause quality, environmental, or product safety concerns. Using EPA, ASTM, and proprietary test methods developed over 4 decades, our lab experts can provide complete analytical testing and contract services for client products, processes, and raw materials.


Envirodigm and our partners participate in various surplus, exchange, and take-back programs to promote smart recycling and environmental protection. SPROUT Certification of hybrid vehicle battery recovery & recycle, and household battery recycling initiatives, along with electronics, and other hazardous and non-hazardous take-back programs are examples of industry leading initiatives currently in the development pipeline.